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Cockroaches thrive in warm environments that provide food, water, and shelter.  Roaches hide in cracks, crawl spaces, and other dark places during the day and come out at night to feed.  Pesticide sprays alone will not control roaches , baits provide better control.  You must integrate several strategies to make your home a less roach-friendly environment.  Thoroughness and follow up is essential for effective control.

Identify your cockroach species first:

  • Effective management options vary according to species.
  • Cockroach traps provide an easy way to catch roaches for identification.
  • Control practices for outdoor invaders (American, oriental roaches) and indoor residents (brownbanded and German roaches) differ.

Remove food and water sources:

  • Even tiny crumbs or liquids in cracks provide good food sources.
  • Store food in sealed containers.
  • Keep trash in containers with tight lids.
  • Eliminate plumbing leaks.
  • Vacuum cracks and crevices and clean floors and counters daily.

Remove roach hiding places:

Seal cracks and other openings to prevent invaders from the outside.  Seal cracks in false bottoms of cupboards and other indoor hiding places.  Seal or clean up other areas where you find roaches or their egg cases hiding.  Remove old newspapers, boxes and other clutter in kitchens and bathrooms.  The oriental cockroach hides outdoors under ivy and other shelter.  Check to see if you have this roach and remove outdoor hiding places or bait.

Using chemicals to control cockroaches:

Avoid use of foggers, bombs or aerosol spraysó they just disperse populations.   Boric acid powder blown into cracks, crevices, hollow walls, under refrigerators, or other undisturbed hiding places is very effective (allow seven days or more for an effect to be seen).  Bait stations containing boric acid, abamectin, fipronil, or hydramethylnon placed near hiding places can be effective if other food sources are removed (allow seven days or more for an effect to be seen).  Replace stations as needed as long as roaches are being caught.

Insecticide sprays alone do not give long-term control.  They are not necessary if other methods such as baits and boric acid powder are combined along with cleanup and removal of hiding places.

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