Many ant species make no secret of their nesting spots. Others seem to come from nowhere. They can invade your home or business to the point of exasperation.


A professional Pest Control Operator (PCO) knows which habits to expect as soon as he identifies the particular ant species that's bugging you. He recognizes whether they're indoor or outdoor nesters. Whether or not they establish a scented trail from nest to food source, or if they find food by meandering in a disorganized fashion. He is familiar with how far different species will travel to forage for food, and which are attracted by sweets, cheeses, greasy foods, meats or other food supplies. The PCO knows which ants cause problems by destroying wood, stinging people or pets, or by just being a nuisance.

All of this is important in locating the nest-bound queen ant. She alone is responsible for sending out wave after wave of the invading pests.

Flying ants are frequently confused with termites. A PCO can clear up the mistaken identity. He realizes that ants are characterized by elbowed rather than straight antennae. All are thin waisted, and have three distinct body components. The forewings of flying ants are always much larger than the hind wings. None of these traits characterize termites.

By establishing colonies in every type of soil, ants have managed to produce a population that outnumbers every other insect on earth. What's more, except for male ants, whose time runs out once they mate, ants outlive most other insects.

Some queen ants can live for up to 15 years. Some are known to lay tens of thousands of eggs in a lifetime. However, workers tend to live a few months.

Ants need space and they won't hesitate to claim it, even if it happens to be yours. They'll nest in the best kept lawns, parks and golf courses for as long as they're tolerated.

Your Pest Control Operator knows where to look, and how to fight back with the best products available from DowElanco. Though deadly effective against all kinds of ants, they offer a very low hazard to people or pets. These insecticides keep working for weeks. This residual control means fewer repeat treatments even in heavily infested areas where you expect new ant colonies to keep plaguing you. Your PCO has an arsenal that can stop the ant invasion.

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