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Finding all the termites in your home is nearly impossible, even for a trained inspector. That's because termites do their damage in hidden places - inside walls, roof beams and foundation studs. Even the point where they enter a home is not always visible to an inspector.

Perimeter Applications

To make them harder to find, termites do not stay in their colony's main gallery but frequently migrate from place to place, foraging up to 4 yards away. Many worker termites (there are several thousand in an average colony) can be in the far reaches of the colony at any given time.

What's more, some homes - especially older ones - have more than one colony at work. So even if one known colony is destroyed, your home still may not be secure.

Because termite colonies - and all their members - are so hard to locate, spot treatments often achieve only limited results. Spot treatments using chemicals, freezing, heating, microwaves and electrocution may successfully kill the termites they reach. But, as we know, some termites cannot be located. And the ones that are found may be beyond the range of a spot treatment.

If a colony is only partially destroyed, it can rebuild and continue to cause damage. It takes as few as 20 survivors to start producing eggs.

So, even if an inspector finds a gallery and it can be reached, many termites may survive and start a new colony. To make matters worse, many spot treatments risk damage to your home and belongings.

Unlike spot treatments, Vikane gas fumigant spreads into every inaccessible area of your home to kill every termite. It penetrates into the pores of wood, altering the termites' breathing space. No termites are beyond its reach. And none are left behind to start a new colony.

In fact, Vikane is the treatment of choice for many centuries-old historical sites, where multiple hidden colonies have foiled spot treatment attempts.

No other drywood termite treatment compares to Vikane Gas. Vikane has been proven in 25 years of university research, published reports and practical use on homes like yours.

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