Our Wow Philosophy

Our WOW Philosophy

Every person in the company strives to achieve our mission, which revolves around "WE” WOW.

“WE” WOW is achieved when the experience makes such an excellent impression with the receiving party that it is shared with family and friends. When striving for WOW, the by-product is an incredible experience, which impresses everyone we come in contact with.

Our mission at A TAC Exterminators is to:

  • WOW our clients

  • WOW our teammates

  • WOW our community

  • WOW our service partners and customers

WOW our Clients

A TAC Exterminators will be Wowing our customers. As part of the process WE will need to practice WOW through a variety of methods to achieve superior customer service.

WOW Our Teammates

Wowing our teammates is a key element to success at A TAC Exterminators. By working with teammates we are able to create a positive environment which allows individuals to reach their potential.

WOW Our Community and Service Partners

As part of our mission we WOW our service partners and the community. Our service partners are the businesses that service us or that we subcontract services to. When our service partners fail, we fail together and therefore Wowing our service partners is critical to our success. We also must remember that we are part of a bigger whole and that is our community. To this end, we expect each member of our team to give back to the community as a representative of A TAC Exterminators.

The company stresses Integrated Pest Management philosophies in its scope of operations. To this end A TAC Exterminators is committed to solving pest problems while reducing pesticide usage and exposure. Our staff are pest management professionals who visit residential and commercial clients to deliver complete pest management solutions.

A TAC Exterminators does not consider itself in the pesticide application business. Rather, A TAC Exterminators is a company that provides pest control services in which pesticide application is just one of many tools. Taking this approach, the use of pesticides in solving pestproblems becomes secondary to control through knowledge in insect biology and behavior. Careful monitoring and inspection techniques, coupled with locating and eliminating the source of the pest problem, are the focus of our pest control programs.